Your reliable expert in safety assessment

IDEA SCIENCE established its office in China in 2001. We were committed to chemical risk assessment and testing services, as well as the development of software for safety management of chemical production. Our main business include hazard / explosion area division, fire risk and electrostatic hazard assessment, safety assessment of a new product’s scale-up production, formulation optimization and explosion protection design for factories, etc.
In 2008, we began to introduce and promote testing equipment for chemical identification and classification in China, and provide our customers with relevant testing methods as well as technical training services in accordance with the requirements of the United Nations “Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods----Manual of Tests and Criteria”.  We have been working with OZM Research s.r.o, the world-renowned manufacturer of instruments for energetic materials testing, selling in China testing instruments for the safety of energetic materials, dust explosion characteristics, etc., and providing solutions to performance characterization, formulation optimization and quality control of energetic materials. Through years of efforts, we have accumulated a large number of customers by virtue of high-performance products and professional technical services. We also cooperate with our customers to develop new technologies and applications.
In 2012, we built up a laboratory for safety assessment and testing, which has been providing samples testing for customers. Our laboratory serves sensitivity and stability test of energetic materials, dust explosion test, chemical hazard test and electrostatic test.  We not only provide our customers with laboratory testing, but also on-site inspection and risk assessment for production safety of plants. As of now, we have served more than 2,000 customers.
Our core business focuses on safety, and we are “Your reliable expert in safety assessment”. We hope to use our professional skills, the large number of laboratory and field tests to accurately inform our customers of the source, conditions and consequences of hazard. With our persistent efforts, we hope to reduce the occurrence of fire and explosion accidents and protect people's lives and properties. What we do is "For a safer life".
The areas we have been engaged in are as follows:
□ Sensitivity test of energetic materials
□ Stability test of energetic materials
□ Safe storage, disposal and destruction of Chemicals
□ Identification and classification of hazardous chemicals
□ Safety assessment of fine chemical reaction process
□ Dust explosion characteristics test
□ Gas explosion mechanism and fire research
□ Electrostatic test
□ Explosion protection design
□ Special laboratory design
□ Customized solution
With the guide of customers’ needs, we provide customers with scientific laboratory solutions under the value concept of “continuous innovation, ceaseless improvement of product quality and customer satisfaction”. Our ideas of developing new technologies and products comes from paying close attention to customers' needs and relying on scientific and reasonable methods to realize customers' ideas. Our philosophy is "bringing your idea into science reality". Our technical team has professional and academic background, superb technical level, active and responsible work attitude, and the spirit of pursuing perfection, which has won the high praise of our customers.